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MAY 1999

Undo "SOME" Changes

How many times have you made several changes in your model, then during regeneration -- well, at the failure of regeneration -- realized you changed something, just one thing, that caused the failure?

Would you like to "Undo" just ONE or a FEW of the changes?

You Can !!

Next time you get to the resolve menu (the menu that appears when regeneration fails) instead of hitting UNDO CHANGES, pick FIX MODEL > RESTORE.  In this menu area you can examine the changes you specified, then select any that you would like to "UNDO".

This is also a good way to examine the changes you made, one by one, to see if perhaps you just made a typo, or perhaps put the decimal in the wrong place in a dimension.

Don't forget to pick REGENERATE from the FIX MODEL menu once you have made your selections.

Good Luck !

For another tip on dealing with regeneration failures, try October 1998.

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