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Part or Assembly Layers to Drawing Layers

Ever wished you could have all the layers of a part or assembly in the drawing of that part or assembly -- as drawing layers -- with all the same features or components on the respective layers?

I used to duplicate layers (same name, same content) in a drawing of an assembly.  For instance, I created an assembly layer for each part or group of parts for ease of working.  Likewise, in the drawing I had to create layers for many of the same groups to show the different items in each the appropriate view.  Is there a way to create these layers in the drawing, independent of the assembly, with the same layer contents?

A tip from Mike Walraven of ESS West, shows how to copy the layers and the contents of those layers to a drawing:

  • To copy the layers from a part into a drawing you must first have at least one layer in the drawing.  It can be called anything you want, and doesn't have to have anything associated with it. You can delete this layer later.
  • After selecting Drawing from the Level Sel menu, choose Set Items, then Active Comp.  Choose the item you want to copy the layer information from.  It could be a part, assembly, etc. Most of the time it will be the current active model for the drawing you are working on.  In this case, select Part.  Then choose Copy Items. Select the layers you want to copy. When finished selecting, pick Done Sel.
  • Next choose the item you want to copy the layers to.  In this case, it will be the Drawing.  After selecting Drawing, you will be prompted for what layer you want the items copied to.  If you select Orig Names, Pro/E will copy the layer names over and also all of the items that were on those layers.
  • You now have a copy of all the layers that were in the part, and all of the items that were associated to layers in the part, are now associated to the same named layers in the drawing.

Thanks for the TIP.  By the way, Mike says this also works in Rev. 20.

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