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MARCH 1998

Layers by View in Drawings

To some, it may be obvious, but if you haven't seen it before, it's a great tool.

     To show an item (Part, Curve, Surface, etc.) in one view and not in another, use layering by view.  This is implemented by setting items on a drawing layers as usual, then by choosing Set Display from the LAYERS menu, in the menu ACTIVE AREA (directly below the LAYERS menu), choose Views instead of the default Drawing.  You must then select a view, and pick Independent.  Now, the layers you choose will be the selections for that view only.  The items contained on a layer are the same for all views, but the layers displayed can be independent by view.

     To change the view back to follow the drawing, choose Set Display from the LAYERS menu, then Dependent.  This will make the view follow the layer display for the whole drawing.

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