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   Pro/Engineer   October 2001   Tip-of-the-Month

The Pro/E

Part colors are assigned from the Appearances dialog box (View > Model Setup > Color Appearances ...).  The colors shown in the Palette are the color map.  They can be assigned individually using the Add and Modify buttons ... or ... the palette can be assigned at startup using a file.

 Pro/E Color  Pro/Engineer Color  Proe Color  Proengineer Color  Pro Color

You can create your own using the GUI from the Appearances dialog box.  Use the Save button to save the file to use it again.

TIP:  Save the file in your Pro/E startup directory (the same place as the so it can be read automatically at the beginning of each session.

The table at the right is an example palette with 40 colors.  A Pro/E file with these colors is available for you to download here if you would like a copy.
(You may need to use the right mouse button and "Save Link As ..." command.)

TIP:  Pro/E used to have limitations on the number of colors allowed in the map. As a carry over from those days the number of colors appears to be limited.  If you would like to see more colors in your palette, simply change the setting  NUMBER_USER_COLORS  to a value that suits you.  If you use the map above, the number must be greater than or equal to 40.

TIP:  To see the above colors with their corresponding RGB, HEX and 0-1 Pro/E formats, Click here.  The conversion can be helpful when using images on web pages or when manipulating images in other graphics software.

Enjoy.  See you next month.
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