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Pro/Engineer   June 2000   Tip-of-the-Month

Problems with Shaded Viewing?

How about that colored gradient background in newer versions of Pro?

Looks pretty cool most of the time, but ... Do you have trouble with shaded models? ... Do you want to speed up your display?

For some computers the blended background causes trouble with shaded models - especially with dynamic spin, pan and zoom.  It can also slows down the redisplay.

To turn off the blended background, select UTILITIES > COLORS > SYSTEM, then when the SYSTEM COLORS dialogue box appears, just un-check the box at the bottom labeled BLENDED BACKGROUND.  This will set the background to the default (or the color setting in your config.pro).

This will speed up the display, and help with shaded model operations.

To make your system come up this way every time, save the settings of the SYSTEM COLORS dialogue box by selecting File > Save in the dialogue box.  When asked where to save the file, pick a stable place you know.  Then add the path to your config.pro something like:

  • system_colors_file /share/ptc/pro_stds/configs/syscol.scl
The command in the system colors file controlling the background is:
This effects only the initial settings at start-up.  You can change any of the settings in session.  Unfortunately this command is not valid directly in the config.pro.

If you like the gradient background you can personalize your machine by changing the colors in the blending by selecting the EDIT button next to the BLENDED BACKGROUND check box in the SYSTEM COLORS dialogue box.  You can waste all kinds of time.

June 2000 Fig.1

If you are into that kind of a thing, have FUN.   See you next month.
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