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Pro/Engineer   January 2000   Tip-of-the-Month

Locked DIMs & Animated Modify

This months tip highlights a new MOVE feature in 2000i.  Within sketcher there is the ability to drag items (sketched entity or vertex) with some or all of the sketcher dimensions locked.   The command to do it is found in the Move Sketch menu and only if Intent Manager is on.   Jan2000 Fig.1 The new Move function allows some powerful modification and inspection tools.  The real power comes with the ability to Lock selected dimensions and "drag" those that are Unlocked.  Dimensions are toggled between lock and unlock with the "Lock/Unlock" command, see the menu in Figure 1.

Very different things happen if you drag a vertex or an entity like a line or circle.  Be careful with the constraints, things do not always move the way you expect.  With some practice it is possible to animate linkages to check for movement and clearance.  This would be great for an assembly that is built on a skeleton.

In Figure 2 below there is a simple linkage showing how a vertex is "dragged" through a range of motion.

Jan2000 Fig.2
Figure 2
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