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Pro/Engineer   January 2003   Tip-of-the-Month

Moving the Scale & Rotate Center Icon

The Scale & Rotate functionality of Sketcher pops up as part of a couple of different functions and makes a great way to unconditionally manipulate a sketch.  To use it, select the desired sketcher entities then use menus Edit > Scale and Rotate (See Figure 1).  The geometry will highlight red with a dashed box around it as shown in Figure 3, and a dialog box like Figure 2 will appear.
Edit Menu
Figure 1
Dialog Box
Figure 2

(Importing a sketch using Sketch > Data from File... will have the same appearance.)

To move the selection, simply pick the center icon (circle with an X) and drag it to the desired location.  The center icon will snap to references and entities it the sketch.  Selecting the "Check Mark" in the Scale & Rotate dialog box completes the action.

But what if the center icon is not in a convenient location?  (By default it is central in the selection.)  Paul Delong of Mechanical Advantage pointed out that if you pick the center icon with the Right Mouse Button (just pick, not pick and hold) the icon will float with the mouse for different placement.  That can make placement of the selection in the proper location much easier in some circumstances.  Examples of a relocated center icon are shown in Figures 3-5 below.

To move the center icon pick it with the Right Mouse Button, move it to the desired location (it will snap to entities by constraint (Figure 5) if desired), then place it by picking with the Left Mouse Button.  You move the entire section by picking the center icon with a click of the Left Mouse Button then placing it with another click -- and the center icon will snap to sketcher references and other sketcher entities if you want.

Experiment a bit to get the hang of it.

The other 2 icons are for graphically scaling and rotating the selection.  If you would rather use numbers, the dialog box of Figure 2 allows that.

Note:  One other thing to be aware of ... as you move, rotate or and scale a selection, Sketcher will often loose constraints ... often constraints that don't seem like they should get lost.

Pro/E Default> Snap to Point> Snap Pro/E Constraint
Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5


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