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Our Team @ SynthesisThe Synthesis Engineering Team includes those at our office as well as those in our network of close suppliers and skilled associates.  Together, we combine to provide a true  Synthesis  in Engineering Services and product development.

Synthesis is “bringing the pieces together“, and our team is organized to do just that for our customers.  The team approach allows us to act quickly, with efficiency and precision.  It allows us to expand as needed to reach your goals.  How Can We Help?

We believe a collaborative approach to design and finding solutions is the easiest path to success — and it yields the best final results.  It’s not by accident that we create the network of experts around us.  We can’t know everything, yet we can certainly know who knows, and that is powerful.  Our quest for the elegant solution starts anew with each project, and we are not limited by just the resources we happen to have in house.

Engineering Design and Consulting Services Focused On Reaching Your Goals

Our Engineering Services Team

  1. All of us at Synthesis Engineering Services, Inc.
  2. Electronics Design – circuit and hardware design, layout and PCB fabrication (for prototypes & for production).  Our Team includes connections for various needs including displays, lighting, user interface, motor control, robotics, embedded processors, code and software.  If your product development includes electronics, we probably have you covered.
  3. FEA and Thermal Analysis.  We do some of this in-house, but for those times that require the next level of expertise, we have two top notch experts that provide a wonderful service, through us, for our customers.  See samples.
  4. Prototyping Services – Since Product Development is one of he key services we provide, Prototypes naturally follow along.  With so many different types of prototypes and even more ways to make them, how do you know?  As a Team, we assist customers in finding the best ways for their needs — including the right materials and the right processes.  Here are a few common examples:
    • Rapid Prototyping, often also called 3D printing, offers a huge array of options to fill a variety of needs.  We have several partners to assist in getting just the right pieces when they’re needed.  One of the best is Protogenic (Tenere).
    • CNC Machining for prototype, short run production, tooling, etc..  Our partners provide a range of services from general machining to high precision.  If CNC is right for your project, we’ve got the team to get it done.
    • Custom Fabrication. Whether in Wood, or Plastic, or Steel, (or some combination), building “stuff” is part of what we do. From small to large, in welding, nailing, or glueing, we fabricate, and we have several team partners that help.
    • Sheet Metal is not really separate from CNC or Custom Fabrication, but it’s worth the specific mention.  It’s common, and it’s a specialty process that our team frequently incorporates.
  5. Production Launch.  Though Synthesis does not do any mass production, we do assist our customers in sourcing and qualifying manufacturing.  To that end, our Team includes manufacturers in a wide variety of fields.
    • Plastics for a number of processes including Injection Molding, Thermal Forming, Roto-Molding and more.  We work with many providers, both local, national, and international.
    • Metals in the many ways they are processed — from Casting to Stamping to Forging to Extruding and so many more.  We have sources to assist.
    • Foams & Soft Goods whether molded or sewn or whatever.  We have, or can help find sources for production.
  6. Patent and Intellectual Property legal assistance.  As a key part of the team for some projects, we work with a number of providers.  One of the best in the Colorado Springs area is Linda at Gould, Whitley & Marshall.
  7. You Are A Key Member Of Our Team.  We don’t do “Black Box” design off in a corner, so if you engage us, plan on being a part of the Team.  We value your input, so it’s our privilege to welcome you and your expertise aboard.

Some of What We Do

Our Team and Services

For explanation and the full list, please visit our Engineering Services Page.

How Can We Help?

The Synthesis Team has experience in numerous fields (see our Design Slide Show for examples).
Please give us a call or Drop Us A Line.  Let us know how we can help.