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Product Design, Development And Engineering Consulting
– We Focus On Reaching Your Goals –

Serving Inventors, Startups, Small Businesses, and Large Corporations.
We span diverse industries — bringing added insight and experience to you.

Engineering Design Hydraulic Patent
Innovative Design:

It’s easy to say Creative, or Innovate.
– How about backing it up?
Visit Patents & Slide Show to see our clout.

Unique Solutions
Creative Designs
Invention, when Needed
Expanding Technology

Product Development:

We’ll help bring your potential product through any, or all of the process steps.  For more information, please read the article:  The Product Development Process.

From Design
Through Prototypes
Systems & Optimization
to Final Product

Mechanical Engineering:

At the Core of our business, Mechanical Engineering is the start. Our focus is product-centric and manufacturing support – including design & build of Custom Machines

Product & System Design
Mechanisms & Robotics
From Concept To Product
R & D

Experienced Consulting:

Consulting in many areas of mechanical design, manufacturing, machinery, failures, and other general engineering.

Failure Analysis (Forensics)
Product Review
Manufacturing Machinery
Process Optimization

Recent Articles From The Engineer’s Perspective

– Inventors –

Design Engineering Invention Ideas

Looking to dive into the sphere of product development and patents for your new invention or product based startup?  We recommend you read:

  1. The Product Development Process  – a multi-page article about bringing ideas to market.  This popular work has been republished multiple times and used in entrepreneurial education around the globe.
  2. Inventors Lab  – a collection of thoughts and resources from an engineer’s perspective — an experienced inventor’s perspective — as we have helped dozens of inventors navigate onto new paths.
  3. Keep Your Startup Out Of The Sand  – presentation from Startup Week about staying effective as you navigate traps of a new adventure.

Invention Design Engineering Consultant

– Startups –

More Information & Links

Take a minute and visit the Who Are We? page, or our Product Design Slide Show (a resume in pictures) — or, the Engineering Services Page for a lot more detail on the Product Development Services and Engineering design & Consulting we provide.  You may also check out the Team that’s ready to help “bring the pieces together.”

Keep up on the latest happenings at Synthesis by reading the blog we call The Engineer’s Perspective.  We post a random assortment of things we’ve been doing, like recent news, engineering design awards, events and occasionally some cool general engineering stuff.

Feel free to Tell Us What You Think, both of the website and of our materials presentation.  Also, tell us about your needs for design engineers, product development or mechanical engineering.  What are the things you make?  And, How can we help?  We would love to hear.

Play Video — Custom automation machine
engineering design and build by Synthesis.

Engineering Design For The Future

We’re here to help.  The years of engineering design and consulting experience bring a rich perspective for you to tap into.  We’ll bring knowledge, fueled by innovative thinking to every customer project — actively building the future.
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