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Welcome.  What Can We Show You Today?

It’s easy to say Innovate.
How about backing it up?
Visit Patents & Slide Show to see our clout to back it.

Unique Solutions
Creative Designs
Invention, when Needed
Expanding Technology

We’ll help bring your potential product though any, or all of the process steps.
Product Development Process

From Design
Through Prototypes
Systems & Optimization
to Final Product

Mechanical Engineering is at the Core of our business. Our focus is product-centric and manufacturing support.

Product & System Design
Mechanisms & Robotics
From Concept To Product
R & D

Consulting in many areas of mechanical design, manufacturing, machines, and general engineering.

Failure Analysis (Forensics)
Product Review
Manufacturing Machinery
Process Optimization

Defined:  Synthesis   is

“. . . bringing the pieces together for a coherent whole.”

— This is, from an engineering perspective, exactly what we do.
— Fusing Ideas, Science & Style in Design & Product Development.

Synthesis Frames Design - Mechanical Engineering in Colorado Springs

At Synthesis, our projects span from fun to serious, from artistic to high tech — with so many variations between.
Our experience and talent reach from many industries —
— yielding the broad experience we bring to you.
See the Design Slide Show for several examples.

Synthesis Engineering Services

We are a full service provider for a host of product development, mechanical engineering, and design services, including . . . Functional Design, Systems Engineering, Prototyping and Manufacturing Automation!

For a more complete list and details, please visit our Engineering Services pages.

You have arrived.  Synthesis Engineering Services is your One-Stop-Shop for Product Development — from Concept to Production (or any of the steps on the way) — in customer products, industrial products, mechanical engineering consulting, manufacturing projects, and custom machines in an assortment of unique flavors.  — We are the Synthesis in “Bringing a New Product Together.”

Play Video — One Example of a Custom Machine Designed and built by Synthesis. This Machine Automates Several Factory Processes to Increase Efficiency.

Mechanical Engineering Part Design Synthesis

Why Synthesis?

Our philosophy brings System Optimization together with the Eloquent Solution resulting in performance, reliability and economy.  Innovation & Experience are our favorite tools with product deployment —

— The Goal:  Empower Your Profitability

Power in Experience

For 20 years, Synthesis has stood as a top Mechanical Engineering Services Provider.  We’ve weathered economic storms that took many others.  It may be luck, or it may reflect our focus on Customer Satisfaction — in work ethic, attention to detail, and in drive for excellence.  That’s what keeps customers coming back.

For the rest of the story, please read  Who Are We?
If you have Questions?  Please ask using the  Contact Us page.

Tape Ease Example of Plastic Part Design

– Inventors –Invention Great Ideas

Looking to dive into the sphere of product development and patents for your new invention?  We recommend you read these articles:

  1. The Product Development Process  – a multi-page article about bringing ideas to market.  This popular work has been re-published multiple times and used in entrepreneurial education around the globe.
  2. The Inventors Corner  – a collection of thoughts and resources from an experienced inventor’s perspective, and from an engineer’s perspective.  We have helped dozens of inventors navigate onto new paths, and this article is an overview of what we’ve learned.

Invention Great Ideas– Inventors –

More Information & Links

Take a minute and visit the Who Are We? page, or our Design Slide Show — a resume in pictures — or, the Engineering Services Page for a lot more detail on what we do. You may also check out the Team here ready to help “bring the pieces together.”

Keep up on the latest from Synthesis by reading the The Engineer’s Perspective, an assortment of articles under the Insights menu. We post a random assortment of things we’ve been doing, recent news, awards, events and occasionally some cool engineering stuff. If it hits a cord, please leave a comment.

There are many more articles too. The Library Page has articles and links to videos of interest. Things like The Product Development Process, Trailer Design, Invention, Starting a Business, and Fun Project perspectives are all linked from the library page.

Feel free to tell us what you think, and let us know how we can help, on the Contact Us page or in any of the page comments.  We love to hear from readers.

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