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Design An assortment of random info about Synthesis, about things we've been doing, and about our customers -- like a blog of sorts -- of recent news, awards, events and other things.  Feel free to comment using the Contact Us Page.  We'd love to hear from you. Research
Invention Design
WickWerks Chainrings
Invention Design

Chainrings -
The Performance Difference
For Serious Cyclists

A collection of 42 tooth chainrings (aka sprockets) made specifically for Cyclocross by WickWerks.

It's cyclocross season, and again we see many of the top cyclists running WickWerks.  These represent a performance advantage for riders as they tackle diverse terrain from grass and cement to deep sand and mud bogs --- the muddy slippery off-camber sometimes steep hills being the worst --- but that's cyclocross, and we love it!

Creative Displays

The Flag They Said Wouldn't Fly

The Giant Rings is Innovation Displayed For Promotion
Racing Under The #BigRing
A flag -- Well, a banner -- No, a Course Feature.  OK, we're not sure sure what it is, but it was created as a WickWerks promotional piece to be used at Bicycle Races like CrossVegas.

Having something over a race course is not new, but the simple stand and sewn flag is certainly a different approach.  The unique parts of this are First, the stands with the very simple assembly and the way they bind for super stable and secure support -- held together by just 2 bolts (one on each side);  Second, the fishing-pole type external frame to both support and tension the flag;  3rd, the simple twin uprights that are not attached but hold the flag and the guy-wires;  Finally, it has a bungee cord around the interior perimeter to tension the fabric against the "fishing-pole" exterior.

Several companies we approached to have it made said it wouldn't work.  They said it couldn't be done that way and it would just be a hazard.  We're very thankful to Omni Promotional in Denver for believing enough to try it.  They too had doubts, but were willing to give it a go -- and look what happened!

It's been in action at a races already -- with many more to come.  This photo shows the men's pro race at the US OPEN OF CYCLOCROSS held at Boulder's Valmont Park in October 2015.

So, it stands in the wind, it's rock solid stable, and it's been a landmark at several races already.  Racers like it, and it's easily visible as a promotion piece from across most venues.  A success on all accounts.


Out-of-the-Box thinking again.  The flag design represent much more thinking and creativity than first meets the eye -- as a balance of needs for artistic presentation, portability, weather, stability, manufacturing hurdles, and cost.  It's part of the "Synthesis".



Safety On The Ski Slopes . . .

When you think of safety and snow skiing, it's not usually tractors in the summer that come to mind.  One of our big projects this year, however, was just that.  The tractor below was rigged with a winch system to secure it to the mountain for use in chipping and clearing ski slopes . . . to make ready for more fun in the snow.

Though these photos don't really show the steep slopes, this tractor can now be used to make much steeper ski runs without the risk of tumbling to the bottom.

Tractor on Grade with Securing Winches

U.S. Patent No. 8,617,015 B2  awarded Dec, 2013

A very long time coming, this new Patent titled "Bicycle Chain Rings" has issued.  It covers the fundamental elements of the shifting technology used in the "World's Fastest Shifting Chainrings" produced by WickWerks.  This is technology that we have assisted with perfecting for many years. 

One of several patents in the portfolio aimed at improving bicycle front shifting.  This, like the other Intellectual Property of the portfolio, is available for license through WickWerks LLC.  Read more about it at Free Patents Online or on the WickWerks Web Site.

As an interesting point of reference, this is the parent case for US Patent 8,092,329 noted below as well as for the European patent #09814912.3-1254 awarded previously.

Bicycle chainrings made with this technology can be purchased on the web site at

US Patent 8,617,015


U.S. Patent No. 8,821,329 B2  awarded Sept, 2014

US Patent 8,821,329

Yet another continuation patent from the above original case was awarded September 2, 2014, and is added to the Intellectual Property portfolio available for license through WickWerks LLC.

This patent list continues to grow as development improvements are made.  More importantly, the chainrings made with this technology continue to dominate in performance throughout the world.

Synthesis Design Patents

New Patents Issued

Patents Show Creativity
Just received notice that 5 new design patents will be officially issued September 17, 2013.  These new patents cover the designs of several license plate frames with various artistic elements.

As much fun as innovative, these designs represent much more thinking and creativity than first meets the eye.  The complexity (and conflicting needs) of artistic presentation, mixed materials, legal requirements, manufacturing hurdles, and more.  It's part of the "Synthesis".

If you're interested, you can find these at various auto parts retail stores - various stores will carry one style or another - to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Let us know if there is something you need designed.  Our ability to mix art with science is one aspect that differentiates us from our competition.


Synthesis Projects
Testing in Colorado Springs

Have You Done an Obstacle Race?

Obstacle races like the "muddy buddy" have become a fun entertainment to many wanting a different type of athletic challenge.  Indeed, if you've seen them, heard about them, or participated in them, they do offer some amazing challenges.

This is an obstacle that Synthesis designed and built for one company that hosts these events.  It is not as shocking as some challenges, but with the top bar at 14 feet up, it takes a fair bit of metal strength to throw yourself over to climb down the other side.

This image here is the first time it was set up -- in the circle in front of the house.  The neighbors already know we're crazy here, but this brought them all out for a look and a gasp.  Certainly, the fun part of our job is "testing" the finished products.

Let us know if there is something you need designed.  Synthesis Engineering Services, inc.


Product Spotlight

News Report Spotlight on a Synthesis Customer and Synthesis Designed Product

Frank has been training dogs professionally for more than 30 years.  Several years ago he asked Synthesis to design the mechanical portions of this product in cooperation with Spectrum Laser and Technologies doing the electrical for the first prototype.

In the video you can see 2 prototype versions.  The bigger, "clunkier" one was a proof of principal that has stood the test of many a viscous dog.

The other prototype shown is the latest "production like" version.  Both are functional.

The concept works well.  Most dogs sense something is going on and choose to act aggressive from a distance.  Other dogs - those bent on attacking - end up changing their minds in a hurry.

Products in the News - K9 Stun Shield

Colorado Springs News Channel 13 Product Spotlight.  (Click image to see video.)

This is a very cool, non-lethal approach to protection from a viscous animal.  Two things I really like about it:  First, the animal does not get shocked unless he actually attacks; and second, though the stun is sudden and intense, there is no permanent effect to the animal - unless you count the significant change in attitude toward ever attacking a person again.

If you're interested in helping Frank financially to bring his stun shield to market, let us know.  We can put you in touch.

Stunning products by Synthesis
  Typical 6x, Single Axle, Utility Trailer
Sample Utility Trailer Plans
Single Axle w/ Various Options Animated

Buy the Way  Section of is Back On-Line!

Our special section for Do-it-Yourself plans -- titled Buy the Way -- has been off for a while as we have revised and upgraded the site.  It is now back on-line and functioning.  This is the place to purchase plans for great projects.

We have plans for Utility & Other Trailers, Shop Tools including Cranes and Presses, along with plans for and several other things. 

We invite you to have a look ... then please let us know if you see any problems we have perhaps overlooked.

Engineering Displayed

Cyclo-Cross World Championships, 2013

Products in Action - Compton at CX Worlds, 2013
Katie Compton racing at CX Worlds, 2013.
In Louisville, KY at the Cyclo-Cross World Championships, many of the athletes were riding products engineered right here at Synthesis Engineering.  The chainrings produced and sold by WickWerks are designed here.

Of important note, many riders that eventually made it to the podium were riding our chainrings.  What a cool compliment to know we were -- if only barely -- helpful in getting them there.

The weather was nasty, especially the muddy course for the Masters races, but in the midst of the difficulties, I heard so many compliments about how well the chainrings work!  Awesome to hear.

Of particular note were the performances of Katie Compton, Kaitlin Antonneau, and Sue Butler -- WickWerks sponsored riders who use and abuse the chainrings every day.

Congratulations to everyone that competed.

Cycling Components by Synthesis

The Product Development Process

Recent Revisions

Two of our most read articles have recently been revised and updated.  These two articles, read by thousands of people each year, have recently been updated with more pictures and detailed info.
What makes a good Trailer?
Technical Articles
Check out these two updated articles and many more in the Technical Articles Section of our site.


New Scope Levers Announced by 3Gun Stuff

  Scope Levers
Expanding their market to include ever more product range, 3 Gun Stuff has added some additional scope levers for the shooting sportsman.  Levers designed at Synthesis.

This is a nifty little product for those who use scopes with adjustable optics.

Scope Lever

WickWerks Booth 2012

The WickWerks booth at Sea Otter, 2012

To support our customer in presentation and promotion of their products (products we designed), we spent several days at Laguna Seca near Monterey California at the  WickWerks  booth.

Being in the bicycle industry ourselves, and having designed several other products and components for bicycles, we welcomed the chance to be part of Sea Otter.  Awesome weather, awesome riding, awesome people, awesome event.

WickWerks produces bicycle front chainrings using the patented technology noted below.  These chain rings shift better and faster than the competition.  Read more at

Chainring designs optimized here, at Synthesis Engineering.

Bicycle Components

U.S. Patent No. 8,092,329  awarded Jan, 2012

A long time in the works, this Patent titled "Bicycle Chain Rings with Ramps" covers elements of the shifting technology we at Synthesis have been working on for the past several years. 

This is one of several patents on the technology behind the fastest shifting chainrings.  Originally known as Radical Ramp technology, you can see the WickWerks Web Site for more information.

And if you think the technology is not for real, look who's using it.  Check out the riders section.

Bicycle chainrings with this technology are available for sale at your local bike shop, or at

US Patent 8,092,329
Morphed Skulls Frame

Morphed Skulls . . . New Release

A new frame recently released.  Obviously not to everyones taste, but definitely a feat for CAD modeling, and pretty well received in the stores.  Available at select auto parts retailers.

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