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Engineering Services The Spirit of Synthesis is providing the best in Engineering Services. 
Our Services include Product Design, Product Development and Engineering Consulting.

This is what we do;  We thoroughly enjoy it;  and  We do it well.

Below is a list of  Six Core Areas  which represent the our nucleus of our skills and expertise.  This is an abbreviated list, of course, but it represents the things we do very well.

Please have a look, then let us know how we can help.

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EngineeringCore CompetenceExpertiseAreasDesign Innovation 1.  Design Innovation & Creativity
  • Unique Engineering Solutions
  • Creative Design and Invention
  • Expanding Technology
  • Patent Assistance
- Our Goal is to find the Elegant Solution for each customer and each project.  Elegant may mean inventing something new, or it may be the application of existing technology.  Either way, Synthesis is all about finding the best possible solution for each customer and situation.
2.  Product Development / R&D
  • From Concept to Customer
  • Complex Modeling and CAD Expertise
  • Integration of System Level Engineering
  • Engineering Research & Development (R&D)
  • Design Optimization
- What is "Product Development"?  It's a process where ideas are transformed into complete products.  It comes by working through the many details, and the result is the desirable product.  Read our article "The Product Development Process" for more info about the process, and where we can help.
3.  Engineering Consulting
  • Design Consulting
  • Failure Analysis & Forensics
  • Patent Drawings, Review & Analysis
  • Process & Manufacturing Optimization
- Leverage our Knowledge and Experience.
Our consulting services include:  - Evaluating designs;  - Finding causes of failures (Forensics);  - Patent reviews and suggestions;  - Helping to optimize a process;  - and much more.
4.  Machine Design &
           Manufacturing Support
  • Factory Automation & Robotic Systems
  • Embedded Controllers & Programming
  • Custom Tooling and Fixtures
  • Mold Design Concepts
- We design and build Custom Machines, large & small, simple or complex, manual and robotic, for manufacturing or as custom tools, purpose driven to your specific needs and requirements.

- We also design Tooling, special Fixturing and occasionally molds to support Manufacturing initiatives like speed, quality, and/or cost.
5.  Electronics Design / Packaging
  • Custom Packaging for Your Electronics
  • Electrical Design for Controllers
  • Wired and Wireless Electronics
  • Embedded Controllers for Machines
  • Custom Electronic Devices
- Many of our projects include Electronics -- some Customers need their electronics neatly packaged, others need designs to meet their specific requirements.

- We do robotic control, industrial integration and, of course, consumer oriented projects.
6.  Integrated Project Synthesis
  • Great External Sources for all sorts of
       services we may not have in house
  • The right People, Processes & Technology
  • Relationships in Industry
  • One-Stop source for Product Development
- Synthesis is bringing the pieces together for a coherent whole.  From an engineering perspective, that is what we do.  We bring the needed people, technology & processes together as needed for each customer and project.

The quest for the Elegant Solution is sometimes like the quest for the Holy Grail.  Often it takes you down roads that turn out as dead ends or "Rabbit Trails" chasing ideas that don't pan out.  Those sometimes misdirected paths always teach something about the product and the technology.  They also give valuable experience so we know more next time ... and the next ... and the next.

At Synthesis, we've done a lot of excellent projects.  We've learned a lot along the way and we know, often, what paths to follow, and what ones to avoid.  That's not to say we're perfect -- because when exploring new ground for new technology, you are always learning -- Yet, we have been around a few times and we know the terrain.

The list above indicating Six of our Core Areas of Expertise comes from lots of varied experience -- not only from the many customer projects, but from projects we've done for ourselves.  These are the areas where we've done a lot of work and feel proven and quite confident in our abilities.  ... Then, for other things that might be needed, we leverage our "Team Partners" for their expertise.

Our goal is always to find the Elegant Solution for each customer and for each project.  It's a tough standard, but we do it because that's who we are.  It is a great compliment when a customer exclaims  "Wow, that's so simple!  Why didn't I think of that ?!?"   It's in those moments we know all the hard work and head scratching are worth it.

Since 1995, Synthesis Engineering Services has been designing great products and helping customers with a wide variety of engineering needs.  We've been through the ups and downs of the economy, and we've seen competitors come and go.  We're still here! -- smarter and stronger than ever.

We've helped hundreds of customers successfully bring products to market, automate processes, refine designs, create new technology, and achieve goals for improved quality / for reliability / and for cost reduction. 

We've worked in numerous fields from High Tech ... to Automotive ... to Medical ... to Industrial Automation ... to Toys ... and the list goes on.  We work in design, in development, in manufacturing, ... and in so many points between.

We've helped numerous companies and individuals acquire patents for their new ideas -- and we've fleshed out those ideas to make awesome new products.  It's our DNA.  It's what we're about.  And it's our passion.

It is our wide breadth of experience that makes our services so valuable.  We often pull from one industry combining ideas and processes from others, to make achieve the unique solutions and create amazing new products.  If you would like to tap into that experience and know-how, give us a call.
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