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  By definition, Synthesis is:
". . . bringing the pieces together for a coherent whole."  
-- this is, from an engineering perspective, exactly what we do.  

Mechanical Automation Machine Video 1

Video of SIM  aka: The Big Machine

This custom machine was designed and built
by Synthesis for factory automation tasks.
See another Video of SIM

See more by visiting our Slide Show.
Our Services:
Our focus is your Engineering and Product Development needs:
Consult Innovative Design:
Analysis Unique Solutions ... Creative ... Invention ... Expanding Technology Design
Experienced Consulting:
Failure Analysis (Forensics) ... Product Review ... Process Optimization
Mechanical Engineering:
Product & System Design ... Mechanisms & Robotics ... From Concept On
Product Development:
R&D ... System-level Integration ... Design Optimization ... Experience
More info and detail on the  Engineering Services Page.

Inventors:  Start Here Invention
Design Space Looking to dive into the sphere of product development and patents?  We recommend you read:
  1. The Product Development Process  is a multi-page article about bringing ideas to market.  This popular article has been republished in multiple languages and is used in education around the globe.
  2. Synthesis Inventors Page  is a collection of thoughts and resources from our perspective as we have helped dozens of inventors navigate into new paths.

Design Example A Little About Us:
Design Space Synthesis is a full service provider for a host of product development, engineering and design services, like . . . Functional Design, Systems Engineering, Prototyping and Manufacturing Automation!

We are your one-stop-shop for product development and machine design -- from concept to production.  We are the Synthesis in "Bringing a Product Together."

Our philosophy brings System Optimization together with the Eloquent Solution resulting in performance, reliability and economy.  We bring innovation & experience to product deployment --

-- the goal:  Empower Your Profitability.

We are one of the best engineering service providers around, and we back that with Customer Satisfaction in our work ethic, in attention to detail, and in drive for excellence.  That's what keeps customers coming back.

Catch the rest of the story at our Who Are We? page.


Site Updates:
Design Space

Additions have been made to the Patents Page to reflect new IP created in part by Synthesis for our customers, and recognized by publications in the US Patent Office.  The list of patents is long.  Have a look, if you want, to see the official recognition given as support to our claim  . . .
"We are The Creative Source for Engineering Design Services."

New things are added once in while to our Miscellaneous Page, a blog of sorts, to show some things we've been up to.  Worth a look occasionally.

Want a Little More?
Design Space Take a minute and visit our Slide Show -- a resume in pictures -- or the Engineering Pages for a lot more detail on what we do,  . . .  Then call us  . . .  Our Team is ready to help "bring the pieces together" for you.

Finally, Keep up on the latest from Synthesis at our Miscellaneous Page -- where we post (as a blog of sorts) a random assortment of things we've been doing, and about our customers.  Miscellaneous includes recent news, awards, events and other items of interest.  Feel free to tell us what you think using the Contact Us Page.  We love to hear from you.

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